Metal Roof

By Dymon Brady

Throughout the years I have observed the effects of climates like the one we experience in Utah, and the toll it takes on your roof. In the majority of cases I recommend shingles to meet these needs, however, in cases where severe weather conditions persist, I highly recommend installing a metal roof. Examples of this would be homes and cabins located in high elevation areas. In addition to that, a metal roof would be ideal for agricultural structures due to its durability.

In the past, metal roofs were not considered to be traditional roofing. However, they are gaining in popularity because of their features. Metal roofs are durable, very lightweight, maintenance free, fire retardant and energy efficient. Another great quality of metal is that it can be formed to imitate the appearance of almost any other style roofing. Metal roofs have a life expectancy ranging from 30-50 years.

Metal roofing can be very beneficial in many ways. Metal roofs provide added protection against all elements of weather. One of the main reasons metal roofs are popular is the snow removal factor. Snow slides off easily, leaving your roof free of the added weight. In addition, the construction of metal roofing offers added protection against earthquakes. This is especially beneficial in places like Utah.

Another advantage of metal roofs is that steel is the most recycled material in North America, making it an environmentally friendly choice. The surfaces of metal roofs reflect solar energy and re-emit the heat, creating a more cost effective home. This reflective surface will also save you money in the long run with tax credits and energy savings.

Ironically, the biggest pro for metal roofs, snow removal, can also be the biggest con. Most people think they want the snow and ice to slide off their roof, but when it does it can be hazardous. The snow tends to fall in large, heavy quantities which could result is serious injury to anyone in the direct path of the snow fall. Damage may also be caused to your property below as well as the pipes and flashing on your roof. Unfortunately most property owners end up installing a < href=”#”>snow retention system to keep the snow in place.

In the end, it is up to you as a property owner to decide which material will best suit your roof. Metal roofing has some disadvantages, yet it can be the best choice for some roofs. Brady Roofing can help assist you as you make the decision of what roof you would like to install on your property. Our experienced crew are able to install asphalt and metal roofs to meet your needs. Contact us today for a free, fast estimate.

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