Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

Self Fabricated Standing Seam Roof

By Dymon Brady

Here at Brady Roofing, we are excited to announce that we are going to start fabricating Metal Roofing Systems.  We have been installing metal roofing systems for 18 years, and now we will be able to fabricate the metal roofing panels we install.  We have a wide range of experience in fabricating our own metal materials for metal flashings of all types, chimney caps, gutters, and other roofing systems to compliment the metal roofing systems we’ve installed in the past.  We are excited to have the opportunity to make our Metal Roofing Division just as high-quality as our other roofing divisions!

Are you thinking of installing a metal roof on your home?  Like every roofing system, metal roofs have their own pro’s and con’s.


Many people are hesitant to install metal roofing materials, simply because the upfront costs are so high.  However, when comparing to traditional asphalt roofs, many metal roof owners actually save money in the long run.  This is because a metal roof can have a life expectancy of 50 years or more, with a lifetime warranty.   An average homeowner with an asphalt roof will replace their roof every 10-40 years.  A metal roof could very well be the last roof you ever install..

Another great financial selling point for metal roofs is that they may reduce your homeowners insurance, depending on what insurance company you are with and what policy you have.  Metal roofs are more fire resistant and hold up better in natural disasters than other roofing materials.

Naturally Energy Efficient.

Metal is naturally great at reflecting the sun’s heat.  This can be a huge selling point to people who spend a lot of money cooling their home in the summer.


Metal is becoming more and more versatile.  We offer different shapes, colors and thicknesses of metal roofing such as shake, slate, standing seam, tile and of course, traditional shingles.

Metal shingles can also be made of many different materials such as:

  1. Zinc or Aluminum coated steel

  2. Stone coated steel

  3. Lead and tin coated soft metals

  4. Copper

  5. Aluminum

Watch for our next blog!  We will go into detail about the specifics of each of our metal roofing options.  We want you to have the perfect roof for your home or business.

Perhaps the only real con of a metal roof, is that it is not quite as popular in the Salt Lake Valley as a residential roofing material.  However, if you are sure a metal roof is right for you, it will make your home look unique and sophisticated, and you can enjoy the savings and dependability as well!  In Utah, metal roofs are the most popular on commercial buildings and residential cabins, as well as in areas with a lot of snow such as Park City.

Metal roofs are growing in popularity and beauty.  Call us if you are interested in having a metal system installed on your roof!  

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