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Ethical Roofing Contractor

15-Point Code of Ethics

Our 15-Point Code of Ethics is a list of qualities we feel are necessary for a professional roofing company to adhere to. When choosing a contractor, this may serve as a helpful checklist of questions to ask before hiring the contractor to work on your roof.  More…

Pitched Roofing Quality

19-Point Quality Control Checklist for Pitched Roofs

Each job is executed according to this quality control checklist.  We work hard to make sure no stone is left unturned.  Learn what to expect out of your roofing project.  More…

3-tab-vs-architectural-in-Weathered-Wood copy

A Comprehensive Guide to Shingle Quality and Selection

Choosing the right shingle for your home or building is an investment. It is an investment into the aesthetic value of your home, but more importantly, it is an important factor in protecting your home and everything in it from the volatile weather elements.  More…

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A Roofing Estimate is a Business Interview

When choosing a roofing contractor, each company that submits an estimate should be treating the situation as you would a job interview.  It is their responsibility to be open and honest with their qualifications and information, and it is ultimately your responsibility to decide who you trust to do the job the right way.  More…

Be Safe

Be Safe When Choosing a Roofing Contractor

There is no such thing as being over protective when it comes to your home and your finances. There are plenty of roofing contractors out there that are willing to bend the rules to simplify things for themselves, resulting in problems for you and your roof.  More…

Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps

chimney cap can be brick, stucco, concrete, siding, metal and copper, to name a few.  The material that is best for you and your roof will depend on the needs of the functions you wish for your chimney cap to fulfill.  More…

cleaning your gutters

Cleaning Your Gutters

Many homeowners may wonder how necessary it actually is to clean their gutters. Debris will clog your gutters and prevent water from passing. This backed up water can cause major damage to your roof above or your home below.  More…

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DIY Roofing Projects

If you are in the market for a new roof, you might be considering whether to do the installation yourself or to hire a professional. A roofing project can be overwhelming, with many obstacles to consider and prepare for, such as time, safety, experience and financial options.More…

Roof over the top

Do I Need to Remove My Shingles, or Can I Roof Over the Top?

When home or building owners are in the market for a new roof, one of the first questions they ask is “Do I need to tear off my old roof, or can I just roof over it?” It can be a difficult question to answer because… More…

Gutter Fasteners

Gutter Fastening Systems

A gutter and drainage system can easily be taken for granted, until it begins to have problems. Without the gutter system properly distributing water, your home, lawn and garden are all at risk.  More…


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