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Attic Insulation

What Insulation Should I Install In My Attic?

Are you looking to improve your attic’s insulation? Having a well insulation attic can save you money continuously, both in heating and cooling costs and in preserving the life of your shingles.  More…

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What is Underlayment

Underlayment is the waterproof material that is installed on your roof deck and below your shingles.  Some people think that underlayment is only installed to keep the roof watertight until the shingles are installed.  In reality, underlayment serves three main purposes.  More…

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Winter Roofing Safety

As winter arrives, it is always useful to review safety precautions you may need to take with your roof and the winter elements. Over the last decade, OSHA has investigated 16 falls in which workers were working or removing snow from a roof in the snow.  More…

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Wood Replacement: How to Know if it is Needed

To fully understand the process in determining the wood replacement needs, lets look at what can happen in the following situations.  More…

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Wood Rot: What Should I Do?

Sometimes even roofing contractors are surprised by something under the surface of a job. Recently, we had an interesting and unexpected problem on a re-roof job. We removed the top layer of shingles of a residential pitched roof and realized that there was a much bigger issue underneath.  More…

Shake and Zinc

Zinc and Cedar Shingles

You will never believe the effects zinc and cedar wood can have on each other!  Here’s how to use their explosive combination to your benefit.  More…


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