Residential Roofing

Salt Lake City's Residential Roofing Contractor

Brady Roofing has been installing high-quality residential roofs since 1996. We understand that you want your new roof to be attractive, efficient, and worry free. Because we specialize in residential roofing repairs and re-roofs, we have experience working personally with home owners like you. We have an incredible reputation for putting our customers first. Not only are we an experienced company, but we take pride in only installing the highest-quality products. If we feel that a shingle is not up to par, we simply stop installing it. Because of this, you can trust your roof for years to come. This also allows us to offer unbeatable warranties, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Some products we offer include: Our employees are highly trained by the manufacturer to install each roofing product we offer. They are also paid by the hour, instead of by piece rate, allowing them to fully take the time to make your roof the best that it can be. Most importantly, we will work to protect you! Our customers are of the utmost importance to us, and we treat them with respect and dignity. You will find that we offer detailed contracts, and fantastic warranties. Behind the scenes, we set up lien waivers and insurance to protect your rights. We know that we wouldn't be the roofing company we are today without customers like you.   Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinyoutubeflickr