Eligibility Requirements for a Total System Warranty:

  1. To qualify for QAT Warranty Discount, eligible roofing system must be installed with VersiGard with Quick-Applied Tape (QAT) EPDM Membranes (VersiGard Black and VersiGard White) and all Quick Applied Flashings and RTS.
  2. Design C (Inverted system) Warranties are limited to a maximum of 15 years and will be charged at twice the ballasted rate.
  3. Total-System Warranties requiring OSB will be up-charged an additional $.02 per square foot if Versico does NOT supply the material. The OSB must be APA rated with a minimum thickness of 7/16″ with a copy of the OSB invoice included with the Inspection and Warranty Request (Copy-B).
  4. If non-warranty repairs are needed, a Versico authorized applicator must make the repairs.
  5. There is a $100 transfer fee to transfer a valid warranty to another building owner.
  6. Inspections are required after rooftop revisions and alterations are completed to keep the warranty in force. Cost for revision inspections are $500.
  7. There is a $25 charge for each additional warranty set or packet.
  8. A valid warranty may be transferred to another building owner after a Versico Field Service Representative conducts an inspection at a $500 cost (0-50,000 sq ft).
  9. Projects over 50,000 sq ft will be charged at $.01 per square foot per inspection
  10. Technical assistance will be charged at a rate of $500 per day.
  11. If photovoltaics (solar arrays) are added to Versico warranted projects, contact Versico. Additional fees for inspections and technical assistance will apply.
  12. There is a $50 charge for minor corrections requiring re-issuance.
  13. Payment of all costs and fees are the responsibility of the new owner.