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Mule-Hide TPO Roofing System

Other white membranes command a premium price, but thanks to manufacturing technology originally developed in the
automotive industry (impact and UV resistant bumpers), a Mule-Hide TPO Roof is “The Affordable White Roof”. This TPO Roofing System offers a great value for a durable and premium product.


Available Colors:

Mulehide TPO Colors

Available Thicknesses:

  • 45-mil (punctures at approximately 300 lbs)
  • 60-mil (punctures at approximately 350 lbs)
  • 72-mil (punctures at approximately 400 lbs)
  • 80-mil (punctures at approximately 450 lbs)

Mulehide TPO is Ideal For:

  • The average flat roof.
  • Large commercial buildings with high cooling costs.
  • Roofs with high traffic.
  • New construction and re-roofs.
  • Warm climates.

Learn More About TPO:

Mule-hide TPO System offers:

  • Quick installation.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Lower labor costs.
  • Flexible.
  • Strong seams.
  • Easy to repair.



Installing TPO over a Metal Roof:  Increasing Energy Efficiency

We have recently completed a metal reroof project. As with most older metal buildings, the metal roof panels had expanded and contracted over time, causing the roof to leak. Our goal was to provide a water tight roofing system, by installing a TPO roofing system, and increase the R-value of the roof by installing a EPS flute filler and iso roof insulation.

Due to the configuration of the metal roof panels it is first necessary to install an EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation in-between the metal ribs of the roof panels to create a smooth surface to support the 1 1/2" iso (polyisocyanurate) roof insulation over which the 60mil white TPO roofing membrane is installed.

The EPS has an approximate R-value of 4 and the iso has an R-value of 9, giving the owners an added R-value of 13.

With the reflective value of the white TPO membrane, the building will be much cooler in the summertime. The approximate 2 1/2" of insulation will add substantial warmth in the wintertime along with stiffness and strength to the roof substrate. Nailers are installed at the perimeter of the roof to accommodate the thickness of the added roof insulation to which a TPO clad-metal drip edge is installed.

Due to the lack of fastener pull-out strength in metal roof panels, the roofing system must be fastened into the purlins that support the metal roof panels to achieve the necessary wind uplift requirements. Special purlin fasteners are used for this purpose.

This 60-mil Mulehide TPO roofing system is of superior strength and durability. As mentioned before, the color of this system will be an important future money saver. Walmart, for example, will use white single-ply roofing systems on all of their stores south of Salt Lake City, UT, whereas their Boise store has a black roofing membrane because they have more heating days than cooling days. Your location will have a great effect on which materials will help your building to be energy efficient.


Why do Flat Roofs Creak?


Have you been hearing any strange noises coming from your roof lately? Don’t worry too much, more than likely it’s the colder temperatures we are having that make the sounds more prominent.  The wood on the roof contracts when it gets cold. In the winter, all exposed materials will eventually shrink as the temperature drops. In the spring, as the environment warms up, wood will gradually expand to it’s normal size.


Flat roofs are generally more noisy then pitched because the insulation is part of the system so there is no place for moisture to escape. No roof is sound-proof, especially if they aren’t well built or well maintained.


Membrane roofs expand with the heat in the summer and contract with cooler temperatures pulling on the fasteners. This can lead to snapping, cracking and popping sounds. These sounds are most common in buildings where the new roof has been installed over an older roof, causing the weight of the new roof pressing down on the already damaged roof.


There is a solution:  The addition of expansion joints can make a big difference and be much, much cheaper than tearing down the roof and rebuilding a new one.


Any material whether new or old can shift regularly with changes in temperature and air pressure. If the noises become unbearable, then getting a new roof may be last resort to prevent further noise. Our employees are certified and trained to install a variety of material on flat roofs. We have chosen to install only the most durable products which include:

All in all, unless you have a family of raccoon’s nesting on the top of your roof making clunking noises from the chimney (true story), then the only way to really diagnose the problem is to contact us for a free estimate and consultation from Brady Roofing. 801-487-5151 We install both flat and pitched roofs.


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Cool Roofing Products

Energy Efficient Flat Roofing

Check out our large selection of energy efficient roofing materials for both pitched and flat roofs.  Click on a product to learn more about it.


VersiWeld TPO


VersiGard EPDM


Mule-Hide TPO


Mule-Hide Elastomeric Coating


Mule-Hide EPDM

Energy Efficient Pitched Roofing


Custom Fabricated Metal Roof


Landmark Solaris


Duration Premium Cool


Product List

Pitched Roofing


Asphalt Shingles


SS675 Pitched Roof Panel Profile





Flat Roofing





Elastomeric Coating





TPO Snow Fences


SS150 Flat Panel Profile


About Us


But enough about us.  If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for security in your decision to choose Brady Roofing as your roofing contractor.  You may be looking to compare Salt Lake City roofers. You want a quality roof from someone you can trust.  We have provided all the information you will need to ease your mind and make this decision an easy one. 

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Hiring a roofer in Utah should be a simple process. We will do everything we can to make this experience simple and positive for you.  Download our Roofing Contractor Checklist to help you in your search to compare Salt Lake City roofers.

It will Be Installed the Right Way!

Can’t decide which product to install on your home? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Shingle Quality and Selection!

  • We are certified by the manufacturer of each product we install.

  • Our employees are trained in a formal training program.

  • We pay our employees by the hour to ensure their focus is on the quality of their work.


Commercial Roofing

Some of the recent roofs Brady Roofing has installed: Sonic-logo KFC_Picture1_0 Tesoro-logo applebees-logo copy

Salt Lake City's Top Commercial Roofing Contractor

We have been installing commercial roofing systems in Salt Lake City since 1999. We work hard to provide business owners with high quality, dependable and attractive flat roofs for their commercial buildings. Learn more about us.

Not only will we serve you as an experienced and knowledgeable partner, but we will offer you the top flat roofing products in the nation.  Our products include Versico and MuleHide roofing membrane systems.  Our products are sourced from local distributers here in Salt Lake City.  We specialize in TPO and EPDM membranes.  We also have experience in other various systems such as ballasted roofing and earthquake-safe construction.

Your roof will be installed by the best roofing installation crew in the state, using quality heat welding tools and other top-of-the-line equipment.  Our employees are all trained by the manufacturer to install each product.  They are also paid by the hour, not piece rate, as you will find with many other roofing companies.  This is comparable to a diamond salesman being paid by the hour, you will receive quality instead of quantity that may or may not last.

Most importantly, we will work hard to protect you!  With unbeatable warranties, lien waivers, insurance and a great reputation, you can rest assured that we will take care of you and respect your rights as our customer.  We know that it's our customers, and their dedicated reviews and overall satisfaction, that has brought us this far!


Flat Roof Materials

Brady Roofing employees are trained to install a variety of materials on flat roofs. We install Versico EPDM, Versico TPO roofing, tar and gravel, and PVC. We are specifically certified to install each type of roofing material. We have chosen to install only the most durable products on your flat roof. Select a product below to learn more information.  
Click on any of our following systems to learn more.
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Total System Warranty

Get a flat roof warranty that covers your entire roofing system, material and labor included. You will be left with the ultimate peace of mind when you choose a total system warranty for your TPO or EPDM roof. Click here for eligibility requirements.

flat roof warranty

30 Year Total System Warranty with Limited Hail Coverage

In addition to the standard Total System Warranty, this package also protects against hail up to 2″ for 30 years. May be purchased with accidental puncture coverage (below). Available for:

90-mil EPDM membrane

30 Year Total System Warranty with 32-hr Limited Accidental Puncture Coverage

In addition to the standard Total System Warranty, this package also provides 32 labor hours each year to repair accidental punctures on your flat roofing system. May be purchased with hail coverage (above). Available for:

90-mil EPDM membrane

30 Year Total System Warranty with 16-hr Limited Accidental Puncture Coverage

In addition to the standard Total System Warranty, this package also provides 16 labor hours each year to repair accidental punctures on your flat roofing system. May be purchased with hail coverage (above). Available for:

90-mil EPDM membrane
72-mil TPO membrane
80-mil TPO membrane

15 Year Total System Warranty

This warranty covers all costs of membranes, flashings, adhesives, sealants, fasteners, metal edging, insulation, and any other Versico products installed for 15 years. Available for:

45-mil EPDM membrane
45-mil TPO membrane

20 Year Total System Warranty

This warranty covers all costs of membranes, flashings, adhesives, sealants, fasteners, metal edging, insulation, and any other Versico products installed for 20 years. Available for:

60-mil EPDM membrane
60-mil TPO membrane
72-mil TPO membrane

30 Year Total System Warranty

This flat roof warranty covers all costs of membranes, flashings, adhesives, sealants, fasteners, metal edging, insulation, and any other Versico products installed for 30 years. Available for:

90-mil EPDM membrane
80-mil TPO membrane


Cool Roofing Materials

By Dymon Brady

If you are in the market for a cool roof to save yourself money in energy bills and do your part in helping the environment, there are many options out there for you. Here are just a few  of the many products that are likely to grant you the best energy savings possible, while offering the greatest protection for your home or building.

Flat Roofs
If you own a flat roof, you are provided with convenient energy saving resources. Flat roofing membranes, unlike tar and gravel roofs, are reflective and are designed to save you energy and money. A flat roof membrane’s high reflectivity will help to reduce the amount of energy required to cool a building and keep it cool throughout the hottest points of the year. This decreased amount of energy consumption causes a lower amount of pollution to be generated back into the atmosphere and directly contributes to a cooler and cleaner environment, all while you save a little money. Just two roofing membranes that are energy efficient include:


Mulehide-TPOTPO is an extremely reflective roofing membrane. Versico’s TPO membranes carry the Energy Star rating, and succeeded in exceeding the guidelines to meet that rating. TPO is solar reflective and has a thermal emittance level of .8 to .9, depending on the color. Versico’s TPO is also listed as a CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) certified product. This TPO is also 100% recyclable, as well as made from safe materials that do not harm the environment. If you are looking for a roof that will naturally cut down your energy bill, and also succeed in helping the environment, TPO is for you.




EPDM is a truly sustainable product. It is diverse enough to fit the needs of virtually all of the different climates and building structures. For example, if a membrane is not thick enough in a cold climate zone, it will almost immediately result in higher energy output and costs for the property owner. However, EPDM is able to work with different climates to create an energy efficient roof for you an any location. Though EPDM lacks the reflectivity of TPO, it makes up for it in thermal performance. In fact, a recent study performed by the Department of Energy and the EPDM Roofing Association showed that ballast and paver systems (such as EPDM roofing) can save as much energy as a reflective or “cool” roofs, especially in colder climates.



Pitched Roofs
Even pitched roofs are following the global trend of installing energy efficient building products. Since most pitched roofs are residential, they have the potential to save your family from spending money on unnecessary energy bills, while still helping your house look good. They also qualify for a tax credit of up to $1500. Two examples of these cool shingles are:

Owens Corning Duration Cool Series
CertainTeed’s Landmark Solaris

Frosted OakOwens Corning has introduced the Duration Cool Series shingle in hopes of reducing attic temperatures, and thus reducing energy costs and usage. They are designed with a greater reflectance than traditional shingles that helps to minimize the amount of heat leaking from your roof into your home.  What I really like about these shingles is that they are designed to look like traditional shingle colors, instead of an obvious grey or green.  These qualify for a energy tax credit and will save you additional money throughout each year.



Certainteed Landmark SolarisCertainteed Roofing has also come out with a ‘cool’ shingle: Landmark Solaris. This shingle contains advanced color granules that reflect the sun. This succeeds in reducing the overall roof temperature by up to 20% in the summer, saving you money and energy. Landmark Solaris is rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council, qualifies for credits and points in LEED, NAHB, and other green programs, and meets the ENERGY STAR standards for solar reflectance and thermal emission. However, perhaps the best feature of this shingle is it’s beauty. It doesn’t look like a cool shingle, but rather it is a beautiful architectural shingle that would look great on any home.

Learn more about our products, or for a free estimate, contact Brady Roofing.

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